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RV Rental Insurance

One of the favorite past times of America is driving an RV around the great US! As many people around America have found out it can be pretty difficult to find RV rental insurance… One of the major factors behind insurance being so difficult is the fact that the insurance companies can’t control the risk of renting an RV.. Many companies just can’t get behind somebody that they don’t even know having a piece of equipment that could cost them more than 100k if it becomes destroyed. As you an RV rental company you definitely can run into problems finding this type of insurance, or even as a renter of an RV, it can be difficult to find the insurance for your weekend trip.

One of the big factors behind this rental insurance is also that many times there some caveats to personal policies with regard to renting an RV. As an RV rental company you want to find somebody that is willing to make sure that you are covered for your overall exposure.

Many insurance companies out there will just continue to say “no”. Where you can you find a company that is willing to take the risk on your company? You want to find somebody that will make sure you are handled the right way.

We here at Evolution Insurance Brokers can help with this situation. We will provide insurance for both the damages to the RV, as well as the insurance for the liability on the RV. We will also cover any RV regardless of age or previous insurance history. If you keep getting told “no” by all the other insurance companies we can definitely help. We also will manage all your claims, if you have them, and make sure that you get the best resolution. We will make sure that you have exactly what you need. As you go along looking for this harder coverage to find whether you be the renter or the rental company, we can help.

If you would like a quote on some insurance for this or your business, please give me a call. I can usually get a quote within 24 hours or receiving your application. Stop your search for RV Rental insurance. We can help. Give me a call. Thanks for reading.

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Rick Lindsey

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